Day 38-Big girl pants and Cadbury Eggs

Today’s weight: 168 pounds

Starting weight: 184

Weight lost to date: 16 pounds

My weight hasn’t moved much lately and I am not complaining. After Saturday’s stress eating moment I have no problems holding steady. I do have some great news to share…my “big girl” pants are too big. These dress pants a month ago were cutting off the circulation to my feet…today I feel like I need a safety pin to hold them up. That is a great feeling! The shirt I am wearing is one I’ve always liked but when I was heavier it wouldn’t button. Today it buttons all the way down the front and its roomy. All it took was a simple diet change to see results. Logging your food intake is vital. I cannot stress that enough. I measure out everything and I log my calories. It’s too easy to go over just eye balling how much of a food you eat. If you are not seeing results on the scale start writing down every bite of food you eat. Calories can pile on fast so be very careful and be smart about food choices.

Easter is around the corner and some are getting the “hop” on buying candy. But before you sacrafice protein for Peeps know your nutrition facts.  While I was at the grocery store this weekend, a woman stopped me in the middle of the store and frantically asked if she could eat Cadbury Cream Eggs and still lose weight? (I had to giggle because I was thinking the same thing-what woman doesn’t right,?). The grocery store was having a sale-Buy 2 get 1 free. I told her I did not know the calorie content but I would be happy to check for her. I pulled out my handy “Lose It” app on my phone, scanned the bar code on the chocolate egg and viola! 1 Cadbury Cream Egg contains 150 calories, 6 fats, 15 grams of sodium, 24 carbs and 2 proteins. I did not purchase the Cadbury Cream Eggs. The woman who asked if it would be ok to eat them, didn’t either (I was behind her in line). Good for her!!

Do you ever get hungry for something crucnchy and slightly salty? During that same grocery trip, I bought a bag of Ritz baked Sour Cream and Onion crackers. Man they are addictive! 12 good size crackers is 140 calores. The taste is incredible and they make a good snack to go along with a sandwich. To me, they taste so much better than baked chips. They have a really good crunch and a stronger sour cream flavor.

Sometimes finding something for dinner can be challenging. Last night, I had lasagna rolls. If you haven’t tried my recipe yet you should. You won’t be disappointed. Tonight, I’m thinking about conjuring up some kind of chicken recipe. I may do chicken breasts pounded out until they are about 1/2 an inch thick, cut into strips with a low-calorie hot wing sauce. I love to turkey tacos too. Good source of lean protein. What’s on your menu tonight? If you have a delicious low-calorie or high protein recipe feel free to share!

In the next few days, I plan to order something rather unique to try. I saw this particular food item posted on a nutrition website. It has no calories an no carbs. The reviews are slightly mixed on the smell, taste and texture. ha! Is your curioisty peaked yet? I’m going to hold off on giving telling you what it is until I try it. I’ll post regardless of whether it is disgusting or good 🙂

I love hearing from all of you. Thank you for writing in and if you have any questions that I can answer please feel free to let me know.

Have a great day everyone!




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4 Responses to Day 38-Big girl pants and Cadbury Eggs

  1. Kristie says:

    Elizabeth, my 7-yro son is a patient of St. Jude with metastatic Medulloblastoma M3, brain and spine cancer. After 3 brain surgeries, he is in his last week of 6 of radiation before taking a break and starting chemo. When we began this fight, I challenged my exercise group (MAFIA:Mothers Against Fat In Action on facebook) to pick their own challenge as Eli fights his. His health issue is not b/c of his own choice (like the choice I make to eat a pan of chocolate chip cookies), yet he does things every day that he doesn’t want to do to get better and beat it. I told them, if he can do what he is doing, then surely we can each do what we know we need to do also. We have many inspirational stories from the last 5 weeks, and will begin a new challenge when radiation ends for our break. MAFIA is free to join us on Facebook, we are not an organized group, we don’t sell anything or promote any one way of doing anything, and we are not just about losing weight, but about getting healthy (and no you don’t have to be a mom). We are for discussion and support only. We hope you will join us on our Eli Challenge. You can also follow Eli’s progress at “Praying for Eli Williams” on facebook, or at my blog We are members at Madison Church of Christ, and live in Athens. Kristie

  2. Karen says:

    I”m thinking I am glad I don’t like Candbury Eggs or Peeps! Now those Reese’s Eggs are what I need to stay away from.
    No calories? No carbs? Smell? I am stumped, unless it is water. I am stumped You’re doing great!

  3. Is your mystery item “Miracle Noodles? by chance? 🙂

    • haha! Christina you are close…very close! I think the name of these noodles are Shirataki Noodles. The reviews make me slightly nervous but people say once they are cooked and allowed to soak up the sauce they are in the noodles actually taste quiet good. Have you tried anything like it and if so what did you think?

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