Day 33-Weight loss, muscle milk, and a new recipe

Today’s weight: 168.5

Starting weight: 184

Total weight lost: 15.5

Hallelujah! My weight has come down. I am pumped! Anytime you see results on the scale it is a great day! If you lost a a pound or 2 this week, pat yourself on the back or better yet get outside and enjoy this beautiful day!

I am still very sore from that brutal workout Tuesday. It hurts to walk, sit, stand. My hair even hurts. No joke- when I say I am in pain that is what I mean. Had I taken a fall down a flight of stairs or tripped and landed face first in the parking lot I could appreciate having some muscle soreness but this is just terrible. I took a scalding hot shower, rubbed down in stinky muscle cream last night and tried to do a few stretches to help with the stiffness. It will just take time for my muscles to recover.

Do you know about Muscle Milk? The taste is really really good.  I recommend the light version. It has 100 calories and is packed with protein. My friend Dawn, the one I talk about that is a fitness expert, recommended it to me. I try to work one in every day. It not only gives you a protein boost but it lets you enjoy the taste of chocolate milk without the guilt. I pulled some information I thought might help explain the benefits of drinking Muscle Milk. Read on….

  • What is Muscle Milk?

    • Muscle Milk is a muscle-building formula that burns fat, promotes lean muscle growth and helps its users recover faster after strenuous exercise routines. In its powder form, it is mixed into liquid and drunk before and after work outs. Muscle Milk was designed to resemble a mother’s milk–rich with nutrients that the body uses to grow muscles.

    When Muscle Milk Should Be Consumed

    • When muscle milk is consumed before a workout, it gives the body an energy boost by sending its nutrients straight to the muscles. After a workout, (30 minutes after at max) it helps the body recover, by again sending those nutrients straight to the muscles it has been working out.

      Muscle milk comes in a variety of flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, root beer and banana cream.

    The Key Elements of Muscle Milk

    • Muscle Milk contains lean lipids and Evopro. Lean lipids are fats that boost the metabolism, encourage the synthesis of protein (key for muscle growth), have special anti-inflammatory effects and help the body retain minerals it needs to sustain during workouts.

      Evopro is a natural protein that stimulates muscle growth. It contains peptides, amino acids and proteins that are similar to that found in mother’s milk. This product aids in the growth and repair of tissue.

      The protein blend in muscle milk is comprised of whey and cassein; both aid in absorption and digestion. Whey protein increases amino acids which causes the body to synthesize the protein and build muscle. However, whey protein burns fast. So, when it burns when using this product, the cassein kicks in. Cassein gives the body more time for protein synthesis, and hence more time to build muscle.

    Other Beneficial Ingredients

    • Muscle Milk also includes alpha-lactalbumin and purified bovine colostrum extract. Alpha-lactalbumin contains large amounts of amino acid; bovine colostrum is a compound produced by female mammals during the first one to two days after birth. Bovine Colostrum is beneficial because it contains essential nutrients that boost the immune system.

    The Fat in Muscle Milk

    • Muscle Milk has a high fat content. However, this is not a bad thing–the fat in muscle milk is medium chain triglycerides, which are easier to absorb and burn. This fat also has a low calorie content.

I’ve also got a recipe to share with you. My 4pm Producer Kansas Marsh emailed it to me. Only 200 calories and it looks fabulous! Thanks Kansas!

1 pkg of mini graham cracker crusts

1 to 2 boxes of sugar-free/fat-free jello pudding

1 ¾ cup of skim milk (add more if needed)

1 container of lite cool whip

Follow the directions on the side of the pudding box. Pour in pie crust, put Cool Whip on top. Put in the fridge for a few hours. Enjoy!

Have a great day all!
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7 Responses to Day 33-Weight loss, muscle milk, and a new recipe

  1. PATSY WHITE says:

    I’ve been following you and you’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work. When things start to get tough for you be like the little engine that could say I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN and then be like nike JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK

  2. I fell in the middle of Nashaville crossing the road …. cong on the weight lose i’ve lost )0) .KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB I CAN TELL YOU HAVE LOST

  3. Brittany says:

    I think you should do a “day” on good and bad fats. Like the muscle milk and nuts are the “good” fats you need vs the fried fats we grew up on. And to make the soreness go away…you are not going to like this….get movin (not a lot ). Breakup the acids in those muscles. Yeah its gonna hurt real bad. Sorry

  4. Nessa j says:

    Just wondering were I can purchase the light version of muscle milk that is, prepared not the powder form and thanks so much for sharing your journey it its so encouraging God Bless

    • Nessa-someone gave me that muscle milk light. I wonder if you can purchase it at places like Costco, Wal-Mart or Target? The taste is really good and the light version is only 100 calories. If I find it the next time I go to the store, I will post where I found it.

      Have a great day!

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