Day 31-A mother’s wisdom, a father’s illness, and a daughter’s rebellion

I am so proud to say my sweet mother is today’s guest blogger. Her name is Linda Gentle but she is best known as “Pickle” by her grandchildren (we have yet to figure out why my oldest nephew, who is almost 16, dubbed her Pickle when he was little. ha!).

I asked mom to write-up something on living with a person with what I call “sugar issues” but medical professionals call diabetes. My dad was diagnosed years ago but it was his actions *before his diagnosis that led my mom to know something was seriously wrong. Maybe you’ve experienced the same symptoms or know someone in a similar situation . If so, please encourage them to seek medical attention.

Here is my mom’s story. Thanks Pickle for writing this up! I love you!

For years I had been telling my husband, Tommy, that he had all the symptoms of a diabetic. He didn’t believe me. I begged him to go for a physical, but like most men, he wouldn’t do it. He thought I had conjured up all this in my mind. He just ignored the constant thirst, the tired feeling, falling asleep every time he sat down in a chair, and the irritability. Finally, one Saturday in October 1994, his company scheduled a mandatory physical exam for all their employees. Needless to say, Tommy was not happy, but he had no choice but to go. When he got home, he was in a state of panic. The nurse had told him to get to a doctor first thing Monday morning because his blood sugar was almost 400! That was the beginning of our journey as a household with a diabetic in the family. I had no idea where to start. Our family had always eaten just about whatever we wanted without thinking about health problems. We had to change a lot of things in our lives. About a year after Tommy found out he was diabetic, he started having eye problems. He was diagnosed with Diabetic Retinopathy, or bleeding behind his eyes, and had to have surgery. The doctor told him that he had escaped serious eye problems, possibly blindness, by only a few weeks.

From that time to the present, Tommy has done really well controlling his blood sugar. For several years he controlled it with diet only but now he takes a daily pill to help maintain his blood sugar. You won’t catch him cheating with his diet. He is a believer in eating right.

Now Elizabeth is another story. I have worried about her for years because I could see the same symptoms in her that I saw in her dad. I encouraged her to get her blood sugar checked but was never very successful with my efforts. Finally, she had to have it checked for some insurance she was getting and guess what, her blood sugar was high. She still won’t use the “D” word, just calls it “sugar issues” but whatever she calls it, I am so proud of what she is doing now. She has realized the importance of eating right and taking care of her body. I hope she has been an influence on all of you and a good example to follow. I know from what she has told me and what I have read on her blog, that you all have been a great motivator for her. I’m proud of all of you and hope you keep up the good work!

Here is a recipe that you might enjoy if you get an urge for something sweet and I think most of us do.

Sugar-Free Cherry Cheese Pie

1 large graham cracker crust

2 eggs

2 -8 oz packages of 1/3 less fat cream cheese

3/4 cup Splenda

1 T. lemon juice

1 can no-sugar added cherry filling (add a little Splenda)

Combine cream cheese, eggs, Splenda and lemon juice. Mix until smooth, pour into crust pushing slightly up sides of crust. Pour pie filling in center of cream cheese mixture. Bake at 325 degrees for 25-30 minutes. Cool before serving.

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7 Responses to Day 31-A mother’s wisdom, a father’s illness, and a daughter’s rebellion

  1. JJ says:

    God does things in misterious ways. He gave my mom and I a miracle yesterday 2/27/2012. Always believe in him and have faith and trust him 110% and he will do things in his time and his way 🙂 I’m very happy to hear the father and daughter are doing just fine.

  2. Bob says:

    Great story I for one give blood every 63 days so they check you out good and then if there is a problem than you know for free witch is great for some one with no insurance like me and I help save a life plus a free ALABAMA championship t-shirt !!! RTR

  3. jaci wright says:

    this is a great story and yes it is very important to stay on top of this, even in your children, i have a 26 yr old daughter who has been diabetic since the age of 5, she has done really well, she even had a beautiful baby girl almost 2 yrs ago with no complications during or after the pregnancy. she leads a very normal life she was on insulin shots and then about a month ago she went to an insulin pump it gives her a little more freedom without having to worry about taking a shot, it is also helpful having a 2 yr old. thank you for sharing this story and i hope that people realize just how important it is to keep your sugar checked.

  4. Martha Mayhall says:

    Great story, Linda! I am so glad both Tommy and Elizabeth are keeping their “sugar issues” under control. Carlton did not have any of the common symptoms of diabetes. He only had excessive hunger and neither of us knew it could be caused by diabetes. The hunger got so bad that we knew something was wrong, but were surprised when the dr. said diabetes.

  5. Gmama Jane says:

    Can’t wait to try this recipe! Looks delicious and something my husband and I will enjoy. Both of us are diabetic with me being a more recent diagnosis. I did this to myself because I knew I was insulin resistant years ago and was warned to lose weight before it turned into full blown diabetes. So much for that warning. I have an incredible sweet tooth so I’m always looking for good desserts that don’t have that after taste of too much sugar substitutes. Hope this one does the trick. Thank you, Pickles, and I know you are very proud of your daughter. Elizabeth is a delight to watch on camera and I’m certain she is just as nice off camera as she comes across on camera.

  6. M.M. says:

    Elizabeth, I just want to say a big thank you again for everthing! You and your mom is a jewel. God bless you both. Keep hanging in there.

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