Day 23-A new week, a new YOU!

Today’s weight: 169.5

Starting weight: 184.5

Total lost: 14.5

My weight didn’t change this morning but I am perfectly fine with that. Hope when you stepped on the scale you saw marked improvement.

Did you get a chance to watch this morning’s installment of “No Excuses” on emotional eating? If you missed it, our web master will post a link today.

Last week, I met for a second time with Dietician Linda Steakley. She suggested I add in at least 1 good carb to my diet. I chose oatmeal. I love that stuff! So here is what I had for breakfast with calories.

1/2 cup old fashioned oatmeal 150 calories

1/3 cup nonfat/skim milk 28 calories

1 banana 105 calories

2 individual packages of Splenda 7 calories

1/3 cup fresh strawberries 15 calories

That’s 305 calories to start my day.

I bring my oatmeal to a boil, stir in the milk and fruit and cook it for 5 minutes. It is hot and delicious. It fills me up too. The oatmeal is good for people who suffer with high cholesterol. So eat up! Here is good health 😉

I’ve got an awesome new drink for you to try. My friend Dawn is a health goddess! She works for the county sheriff’s department and does personal fitness/training. She doesn’t even know she motivates me. She is a very positive person with an incredibly good attitude. She is a fantastic role model when it comes to fitness and I have a lot of respect for the healthy lifestyle she leads.

While I was sick, Dawn recommended I drink Powerade Zero. It has no calories, no fat, no carbs. It has 150 mg of sodium and 35 mg of potassium (this helps me with leg cramps that I sometimes get when I am dieting). It also has Vitamin B3, B12, and B6. Let me tell you I’m addicted. Kroger has it on sale this week 10/$10.00 It really helps with hydration and it tastes delicious. I recommend you pick up a bottle. I like strawberry and grape but they also make a mixed berry.

Yesterday, I had 2 crockpots going at once. As promised, this week is “Cooking Healthy Crockpot Style.” This recipe I am about to post is high in protein, low in calories. It really is delicious.



Southwest Crockpot Breakfast

1 lb. breakfast sausage (I recommend low-sodium turkey sausage)

1 onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 green bell pepper, chopped

4-oz can chopped green chilies (or jalapeno peppers) drained

2-1/2 cups grated fat-free Mozzerela Cheese (or fat free of your choice)

18 eggs (I used 1 large carton of egg beaters-equal to 13 eggs and 5 whole eggs)

2 teaspoons chili powder

1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper, if desired

salt and pepper to taste

Spray inside of crockpot with non-stick spray. Starting with sausage, layer meat, onions, peppers, chilies, and cheese, repeating the layering process until all ingredients are used.

Pour Egg Beaters over mixture in crockpot. In mixer bow, beat remaining eggs with wire whisk until combined, pour in crockpot. Cover and cook on low 7-8 hours. Note: If you have a newer, hotter cooking crockpot cook at 5 hours. The eggs should reach 165 degrees.


Hope you all have a terrific Monday.


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11 Responses to Day 23-A new week, a new YOU!

  1. Miranda says:

    Way to go Elizabeth! I met Linda through the Fitweigh Program last fall and I’m glad to say I’ve lost almost 35 pounds since August! I see you are doing crockpot recipes and starting to eat oatmeal. I’ve recently discovered crockpot steel cut oats! You mix it up and put in the crockpot the night before and it cooks while you sleep! It’s so nice to wake up to a hot breakfast! Makes about 6 1-cup servings.

  2. Eva says:

    Glad you’re adding oatmeal. I eat it every day w/ some kind of protein & fruit. I lost only 1/2 lb. over the weekend for a total of 9 since Jan. 1st. My key is 2 W’s–water & walking! I have a long way to go & will eat like this the rest of my life, because I just feel better watching calories & eating fresh & clean foods. Keep up the good work!

    • Eva-slow and steady wins the race! Be proud of thise 9 pounds…that’s 9 pounds you didn’t gain! Keep up the hydration and exercise. Watch your sodium intake. That could be keeping you from losing a little faster.

      Best of luck!

  3. Karen says:

    I’m eating oatmeal this week, as I need a change. I have been making breakfast burritos (egg beaters, low carb tortilla, turkey sausage& light cheese) and freezing them. It it really handy to pop one in the mircrowave when I am in a hurry.
    You’re doing a great job! I’m down 4 pounds in 2 weeks, which is wonderful for me. Considering I am well over 40 and have a low thyroid. Couldn’t have done it without your inspiration and the lose it app!

    • karen-that is great news! So proud of your weight loss. Those breakfast burritos sound oh so yummy! I may try one soon (it has all my favorite ingredients in it). Best to you on your weight loss journey! Elizabeth

  4. Kenja says:

    You are doing a fabulous job Elizabeth! But I can’t help but notice that you have lost 14.5 lbs in roughly 3 weeks which averages about 7 lbs/week. I have lost 25 since October. I thought it was pretty standard to lose about 2 lbs or so per week. What type of exercises are you doing? I just want to get the most out of what I am doing. And btw-your recipes are delicious! I made the vegetarian lasagna but added in some sun-dried tomatoes and it was to die for!! Thanks!!

    • Kenja-My weight loss was a lot of sodium retention. Once I started seeing how much sodium I was taking in I realized that was putting weight on me BIG TIME! So now I watch the sodium, count the calories and lay off the carbs (except for a bowl of oatmeal per day). Last week I had strep throat so I couldn’t eat much and I did shed a little more weight than usual. I’m sure my weight loss will slow down and even plateau before much longer.

      The only exercise I have participated in since I started dieting is playing several games of Wii golf/bowling for a an or 2 at night. ha! Get’s you up and moving and it is fun! I try not to go straight to bed after dinner. The calories just lay there. Try to do something for 30 minuntes so you burn off some of what you eat.

      Does that help? I hope so. If not, let me know and I will try to answer your questions the best I can.

      Thanks and glad you like the recipes 🙂

      • Kenja says:

        Oh I definitely can relate! You know, I NEVER thought about the sodium intake and salt retention. I am a salt-a-holic! I even have acquired the taste for peanuts in the shell b/c I heard they were good for you, but I HAVE to buy the ones that are salted. ( I even have to suck the salt off of the shell before I crack it open!!) lol. Have you ever tried Wii fit? It is A LOT of fun!! It has the wii board and it helps so much too!! Thanks a million and I will definitely try to sever the ties with my love affair with salt 😉

  5. Kenja says:

    Oh, I forgot one other thing. I’m glad you did the segment on emotional eating, but will/can you do a segment on food addiction and how to over come it? I am not an emotional eater, I just love the way food tastes. I love cooking and even considered being a chef. I don’t know how to break the habit of moderating what I eat b/c I can tell myself that all I can have is a small portion then I (almost always) tend to eat more than I should only b/c it tastes so good- not b/c I am sad or depressed. Once I figure out how to change this, I will be better equipped on how to lose the weight I so desperately need to lose 🙂

  6. Barbara Hardaway says:

    Hello Elizabeth..I just started reading your blog today and plan to keep it up and join you in loosing weight. I started going to Dr. Vitkins Weight Loss Clinic last August..By Jan. I had lost 35 lbs. I have kept it off but got sidetracked and just can’t seem to loose anymore. I was so motivated for a while but then I just lost that motovation. After the first of the year I stopped going to Dr Vitkin. It was just too expensive. And really the only thing I got out of it was the going and weighing in every week. I did get diet pills but they never seemed to help. I still have them and still take one a day to help suppress my appetite. I also take potassium. And also B12 for energy.
    I have signed up for Weight Watchers online and hope tracking what I eat and having the points guide will help. My biggest problem is stress eating and portion control. I work at Wal Mart and it is a very stressful job.
    I am going to try some of the recipies you have posted. I was tired of everything I ate during the time I lost the weight.
    I also gave up Dr. Peppers in August. I do drink a few Diet Cokes but mostly water and coffee. My special treat is a cup of decaff coffee with vanila caramel cremer and splenda a couple of hours before I go to bed. It satisfies my sweet cravings and the warm beverage helps me sleep.
    I will be talking to you more and maybe we can exchange recipies and ideas.
    Good luck to both of us and all the others out there who are trying to shed pounds. It is not easy.
    By the way my starting weight was 253 lbs. I have 68 lbs to go to reach my goal of 150.

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