Holy Guacamole!

Today’s weight: 169.5

Starting weight: 184.5

Total weight loss: 14.5 pounds

Finally! I am past the 180 mark! The 170 mark! And now it is time to conquer the 160’s!

Yesterday, Lane and I decided to eat dinner at our favorite Mexican Restaurant in Hazel Green, El Mariachi!  In order for me to enjoy one cheat meal without going over my calorie count I had to do some figuring, which didn’t take long and was well worth the research. I decided to stick with high protein low-carb choices for breakfast and lunch. That was 435 calories spread through out the day so I was never hungry while I waited for the clock to strike 5pm (that’s when the buffet cranks up ha!).

For dinner I had 793 calories. Here is what I ate.

8 ounces grilled chicken breast 248 calories

3/4 cup queso dip 270 calories

1/2 cup iceberg lettuce 5 calories

2 T. regular sour cream 60 calories

1 cup Mexican Rice 180 calories.

3 T. Pico de Gallo 30 calories

I did not eat any chips and I drank unsweet tea with lemon. I was very content with my dinner. I ate slowly, savored every bite and when I was finished I didn’t want anymore.

Lane on the other hand ate like a champ!! (I love you) So we decided to figure out his calorie count from the 1 platter of food he ate (he only made 1 trip to the buffet).  Lane is 6’4, 248 pounds. He’s tall so he carries his weight well. Even with that said, that one plate was about 2 days worth of calories for me.

Drum roll please… Lane consumed 3, 151 calories from one plate of mexican food, 1 basket of chips and a lot of cheese dip!

The sodium content: 9, 329.5

The carb content: 190

Here’s what he ate:

1 cup refried beans, 161 calories

4 oz ground beef 309 calories

16 ounces grilled chicken breasts 496 calories

1/3 cup regular sour cream 160 calories

6 ounces beef steak strips 360 calories

4 ounces chicken breast strips 120 calories

1 potato sliced with peeling 281 calories

1 1/2 cups queso dip 540 calories

1 chicken enchilada 311 calories

roughly 30 tortilla chips 262 calories

And after he eats Mexican, he always tops his meal off with 5 Peppermint patties…150 calories.

He also had a milkshake when he got home…that’s another roughly 300 calories.

I post this to say it is ok to have a meal out-in moderation. But make sure you take the time to figure out how many calories you have left for the day. Lane’s not on a diet so he can pull off that amount of calories a little better than I can. He still needs to watch how much he eats and the sodium content. I will give him credit. Through the week he eats pretty healthy for a man. He eats grilled meats and steamed veggies. He likes turkey and cheese sandwiches on brown bread. On the other hand, he likes sugary poptarts with his morning pot of coffee. And he has an amazing sweet tooth. He has been known to eat my grandmother’s homemade coconut cake, in one sitting, in the middle of the night, and wash it down with a glass of whole milk. ha/ha You will never believe it but his cholesterol is actually a little low! Way to go babe!

This week, is “Cooking Healthy: Crock pot Style.” I’ve got 2 low calorie healthy crock pot recipes cooking away right now in my kitchen. You will love both! I will post pics and recipes this week.

Also, remember tomorrow morning on WAFF-48 News Today, installment #3 of my “No Excuses” report will air. This week we tackle emotional eating.

Hope you have a great Sunday!



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14 Responses to Holy Guacamole!

  1. Sandy Crawford says:

    Contests, on your hard work! It is paying off. Keep up the hard work. Thank you for the words of incouragememts.

  2. lukebandit says:

    Congratulations, Elizabeth! You are an inspiration. Love the crockpot, saves time and love one cooking all day and it is ready when you come in from work! God Bless you!

  3. Laurie says:

    Congratulations on your weight loss Elizabeth! I’ll have to remember to order something like that when I go out for mexican, that looks so good! Don’t you hate it when boyfriends don’t have to worry about their weight? lol! 🙂 My husband is the same way! I have a question for you, do you mostly follow a low carb diet?

    • Laurie-I mostly follow a low-calorie, low-carb plan. I eat high protein foods with veggies, fruits, lean meats and skim milk. This week I incorporated oatmeal into my diet. I count that as my good carb so I don’t eat any bread or other starches in my day. Cutting back on the carbs and sodium has helped tremendously.

      Yes, it stinks that men can sit down and eat 2 days worth of calories in one meal but at least we don’t suffer male pattern baldness 😉

  4. Linda says:

    Your dinner sounded so good! On the other hand Lane’s made my tummy hurt. lol Keep up the good work and tell Lane Linda Mac said hi!

  5. Darlene says:

    Holy cow Lane…………..even at 6’4 I don’t know where he put it ………………..

    On the other hand my husband has a terrible sweet tooth…junk food junkie I call him….

    Will be looking forward to the crock pot gems….I love my crock pot.

    Congratulations on the extra half pound……..

  6. Karen says:

    You are such an inspiration! I haven’t been brave enough to eat out (I don’t consider Subway eating out!) since I started 2 weeks ago. A buffet? OH you are so brave.
    Keep being a big loser!

    • ha/ha Karen thank you! You know, eating out isn’t as intimidating as you might think. Using the “Lose It” app really helps hold me accountable. If I don’t have the calories, I don’t eat it. Allow yourself that one meal and it will really do your heart good. We all get tired of healthy eating, just make sure you don’t over do it. Best of luck to you! Elizabeth

  7. Jessica says:

    You are doing awesome! Congrats on the weight lose!!!! Thank you for being brave enough to do this publicly. You are inspiring a lot of people!

  8. Tammi says:

    Congratulations Elizabeth…fantastic job! I’m inspired by your success. I recently started using an app called Lose it. Calorie and exercise tracking is a breeze….eye opening also!

  9. according to my experience sometimes its hard to hold my appetite, and i break the rules of my weight loss program. what about you? just want to share

    • I try very hard to not break any of my rules and up until Saturday I was doing great. I didn’t really kill my diet I just feel like I ate junk all day. I’m back on it today and glad to be. It is amazing when you fall off the wagon how much you crave going back to a healthy lifestyle 🙂

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