Day 20-Getting real, getting raw

When you look in the mirror what do you see?  Stand there for 5 minutes and stare at yourself. Do you see a person you love or someone you tolerate? Do you think the person you are looking at is handsome or pretty? Has the image changed to the point that you don’t recognize the face staring back at you? I feel that way everyday. When I walk by my bathroom mirror I look the other direction.  In my mind, the disappointment isn’t as evident if you don’t make an effort to stop and reflect. 

I remember seeing a young woman full of hope and dreams in that mirror not so many years ago. She was slender, sure of herself, and confident that life was about to roll out the red carpet to many wonderful new adventures. Today, I ask myself what went wrong? What did “I” do wrong? What mistakes have led me to where I am today? I wonder why life seems easy for some and difficult for others. I wonder why no man has ever seemed interested enough to marry me (I may be partly to blame on that one ha!). I wonder if my chances of being a mom will ever come around or if my biological clock has struck its last chime. I worry about my family and friends-hoping the good Lord allows them another day on this earth. I have a job to think about, bills to pay, a new house and car to keep up. All of these things combined can stress a girl out and that can lead to overeating to compensate for stress or something that’s missing from your life. Monday, on WAFF-48 News Today we tackle the tough subject of stress and emotional eating. If you find yourself burdened with worry or problems that cause you to turn to the cookie dough isle at the super market don’t miss my report. It could make you think twice before gobbling down those extra calories.

I have a FREE app for you to download! It’s called NHLBI BMI Calculator. Your Body Mass Index is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women. You input your height, weight and it calculates your BMI. Mine is 25.8…which puts me in the overweight category, meaning I am at risk for heart disease. I’m 10 pounds away from being back in the normal range. I encourage you to download this app so you can see what your BMI registers (if you don’t have a smart phone or don’t want to download it, you can find plenty of BMI calculators on line).

This week I received an email from a woman who started dieting shortly after “No Excuses” was launched. She was distraught that she hadn’t lost any weight and was desperate for help and information (which I am more than happy to help with). I asked her to send me 1 day’s menu with calorie count. She couldn’t because she had not been keeping up with what she had been eating. This is very important. That is why I suggested the “Lose It” app to help keep track of calories on the go. Some of you have mentioned other free apps you use too. That is great! Holding yourself accountable is the only way the weight is going to come off. I even count sugar-free cough drops. They have 5 calories per peice and at the end of the day, those calories can make or break a diet. Crazy, right?

I am not a health expert. I am certainly not a trained dietician. I am just a person who struggles to lose weight and eat right. I use this blog to share my story, information, and diet tips from experts. So what works for one person, may not work for another but this is a FREE tool that you can use to help get you motivated and started in the right direction. If you know someone who is struggling to lose weight, send them here. If nothing else, maybe they will find the motiviation it takes to make some changes to their diet.

The official start to the weekend is slowly counting down 🙂 What are your plans? Are you going out to eat? One of my favorite meals comes from one of my favorite restaurants the “Main Dish” in Meridianville. You must try their cajun grilled tilapia and shrimp. Out of this world wonderful! I ask the awesome chef to hold off on the butter when he cooks it. The fish is so flaky and tender! Order a green salad and you’ve got one fantastic meal. The calorie count is better than you think too. I skip the rice/baked potato. Trust me, the fish pieces are big and you won’t miss the carbs. You will be full!

Hope this helps get your weekend started off on the right foot. Remember, deal with whatever is nagging at you without undoing all of your hard work.

Happy Friday!


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7 Responses to Day 20-Getting real, getting raw

  1. Eva says:

    Logan’s Roadhouse does a wood-grilled tilapia on their “health nuts” menu…I usually get steamed broccolli with it. I’ve lost 8.5 lbs. since the first of the year, harder for me because I’m “over the hill”. But I continue to take one day at a time, eating as cleanly as I can & tracking calories, carbs & sodium. Have a great weekend. Thanks for the blog today. If I could give you a Peabody Award, Emmy or whatever journalists get, I’d do it!

  2. Meg says:

    I struggle with weight too… I have been told vets let overweight dogs eat green beans to slim down (I ate green beans for lunch everyday and was surprised how fast some of the weight came off.) Also Tomato soup is REALLY reasonable on the calorie count… and I will trade off and do that for lunch some days too… they are really light so I dont get bogged down… my energy level is better.. and I dont use up all my cal at lunch. 🙂

  3. Sharon Grubbs says:

    My favorite restraurant is also The Main Dish – the best grilled shrimp and turnip greens I’ve ever had!!!!!

  4. stew hirsch says:

    Very well done…I started down this road Nov. 1 when the scale read 236…it now reads 210…

  5. Melinda Nalley says:

    Thank you Elizabeth.You sound so much like me but I have been married for 21 years.I think you are a beautiful woman.Any man would be lucky to have you.I need to know what other meat I can eat I hate seafood!!!!! any suggestions?

    • Thank you Melinda! Very sweet of you to say.

      If you don’t like seafood, order some other kind of meat like chicken, pork, turkey. Make sure they are lean and not covered with cream or sauce. 🙂

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