Day 17-Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I did not weigh myself today. I decided since it was Valentine’s Day, I’d give myself a break 😉

How many of you have plans to eat dinner out with your honey tonight? Maybe your sweetie gave you a big box of chocolates that you want to gobble up with both hands. Before you over indulge, stop and think!!! Better yet, here is some helpful advice from Huntsville Hospital Wellness Dietician Linda Steakley.



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3 Responses to Day 17-Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Eva says:

    Cooking in tonight & I got roses, not chocolates! We’ll have strawberries & fat-free whipped topping for our treat! I am so thankful for an attentive spouse!

  2. Darlene says:

    We went out and ate yesterday to avoid the crowds today…I had my salad dressing on the
    side, had more than half left…..grilled salmon is my fave…..and was so careful, and then this
    morning my charming saboteur bought me a box of Chocolates….which he ordinarily does
    not do…usually I get flowers or some little gift….I would never tell him I was so crushed…because
    he knows how hard I am trying to lose weight and he knows both of us had higher than usual
    sugar rates at our bloodwork 3 weeksago………so, without hurting his feelings, I am going to have
    one chocolate a day…………without him seeing I am going to drop it in the trash………I hate to
    waste but I don’t need this …………….
    I sure hope you are feeling bettr and your meds have kicked in…been praying for you…………

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