Day 11- A milestone in my weight loss :)

Total weight loss: 10 pounds

I’m under a great deal of stress this week. I feel like a pressure cooker about to pop it’s top. It would be so easy to undo my hard work with a trip to my favorite drive-thru or restaurant. And as strong as the urge was to eat everything in sight yesterday, I practiced enough willpower to get through the day without blowing my diet. In fact, I was under my calorie count and should have eaten more food. I have no doubt yesterday my body was reacting to a lack of sleep, a lack of carbs, and the strong desire for a caffeinated fountain beverage. Today I am glad I didn’t give in to my emotional side as I wouldn’t have been able to hit the 10 pound mark. When you are having a bad day or you are stressed out, don’t reach for the refrigerator door or knock people out of the way at a fast food joint to order every value meal on the menu. Tell yourself “this too shall pass” and try to focus on taking the frustration out in another way…perhaps a walk or cleaning the house or a punching bag 😉

Today we are going to talk about snacking. Sometimes you may find yourself getting hungry during the day and need something to carry you over until the next meal. Be careful what snacks you pick. Check the calorie and sodium count and make sure that it fits into whatever diet plan you are on. Here are some suggestions you might want to try.


Today is my sweet mother’s birthday (Happy Birthday Mom). Saturday, we are taking her out for lunch to our favorite restaurant in Moulton. You may be wondering what in the world I will find to eat that will fit in my diet. I dont plan to stress it. I will have my favorite grilled chicken but with white sauce on the side. That way I can control how much, if any of the sauce I will eat and a green salad with a small amount of salad dressing. I will probably skip the steak fries (my favorite! yum) or baked potato and bread that comes with it. I don’t need the carbs and I can live without it. But if I decide to have the steak fries that is ok. One day a week you need to have a meal that you want. It makes the rest of the week easier to get through and it gives your body a break from dieting. Don’t we all deserve a break now and then? 😉

Important blog note:Tomorrow I am having a second guest blogger, Rhea Fuller. This is a very dear and long time friend of mine who has lost 25 pounds! Rhea is the one who introduced me to the “Lose It” app. She has some great information on how she lost weight and she will be sharing what she’s learned with all of us. You don’t want to miss her blog!

Be sure to leave comments on here if you have questions or need information. I will respond to each of you.

Hope you all have a successful Thursday!


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8 Responses to Day 11- A milestone in my weight loss :)

  1. Karen says:

    Congrats on your loss! You are an inspiration.
    I do have a question. What damage do you do on your diet when you are under your calorie count for the day?

    • Thanks Karen!

      It is a good idea to get your calories in. Going under is just as bad as going over. It will make you hungry and that could lead to overeating or raiding the fridge. Make sure you stick as close as you can to whatever limit you have set. 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. Darlene says:

    Good for you for not giving in to temptation.

    Yesterday I shopped for the items in the green smoothie….had to laugh…the way I wrote it down
    I put a small banana, 1/2 cup peaches AND a 1/2 cup of Mango, and the baby (organic) Spinach.
    It was delicious, and my husband even liked it.

    I also went out to lunch yesterday with a friend, and had grilled chicken and steamed squash,
    along with my water….was stuffed…..I don’t drink soda or tea because of the kidney problems.

    I guess my question would be is there a complete list of foods for each meal available??

    Bless you for sharing all this….you are looking great on camera by the way…watched you 4-5….
    I have Bible study here shortly so thanks for your input.

  3. M.M says:

    Keep it up! So proud of you! Wishing your Mom a blessed Happy Birthday! Thanking you everyday for all of your encouragement!

  4. Rhea says:

    Tell “Pickle” happy birthday. 🙂 Love you…can’t wait to read tomorrow’s blog sounds like an “AWESOME” friend. 😉 So, proud of your weightloss journey AND so glad we can do this together.

    • ha/ha I will pas along the birthday wishes to Pickle tomorrow 😉 Thanks for doing the write up for today’s blog. I thought it turned out great! I’m super proud of you friend! Keep the weight loss going!

      Love you!

  5. Gail says:

    You are an inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing. You and your Mom have a “happy birthday dinner.

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