Day-5 No Excuses update

Weight loss as of today:  3.5 pounds

If you haven’t heard, Monday morning on WAFF-48 News Today, the first piece in my weight loss series, “No Excuses” airs. It will run in the same show every Monday at least through the end of the month (maybe longer, who knows).

While I was shooting promos for the series yesterday I started to feel a panic attack coming on. Literally, I stood in the middle of Big Spring Park gasping for air and sweating because I realized you, our dedicated viewers and blog followers, will know my weight very soon (if you haven’t already seen the promo. The number is on the scale I’m holding #yuck). At no point in my life have I ever tipped the scale at, well, it’s going to be on television why ruin the surprise for you 😉 I started thinking about the humiliation and embarassment that comes with sharing something so personal in a public way but then my breathing calmed down and the sweat beading on my forehead seemed to vanish. I remembered I am doing this to help myself and you!! Nobody said being a woman was easy, right? (or a man if you are having issues with weight. I can only speak from the gal’s side of the battle ha/ha).

I have a lot of nice clothes in my closet that I couldn’t fit in if I rubbed my body down in grease. No way, no how are they going to slide on or pull up. They just hang there…staring at me as if asking “why don’t you want to wear me anymore? Did we do something to upset you?” I try to ignore the little voices coming from the cute dresses and pencil skirts because it certainly isn’t their fault I can’t wear them anymore. I look at the little waist lines and the small curves in the hip of the skirts and think I wore that skirt a few years ago. It fit like a dream. I looked young and slender. Today it might as well be a rag I dust the furniture with. At least I would get some use from the clothes that once made me happy! I want to fit back in those skirts again…but it is going to take a lot of weight loss to do so. I’m not going to play mind games with myself about it or I will give up. I’m taking it one day at a time, praying to the weight loss gods for help, and counting every calorie I swallow.

This weekend is Super Bowl! I hope you have a great time watching the game. Remember to keep the calories low, watch the fatty dips and cheeses, trade in the soda (or alcohol) for something diet or light. If you get the chance don’t forget to exercise. Go on a walk, do a few simple pushups, or dance down the hallway of your house. 😉 Your family might think you are crazy but you will feel good inside for getting off the couch 🙂

Have a great day everyone!


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4 Responses to Day-5 No Excuses update

  1. Amber says:

    I am 29 years old and I am starting this journey with you. I just started weight watchers a week ago and need to lose 50 lbs. You are a great motivation for me. I know you will do fine. I am so proud you started this blog. Thank you so much!! God Bless!!

    • Amber-Your decision to join Weight Watchers is awesome!! I’m so proud of you for taking that first step. I look forward to hearing about your progress. 50 pounds may sound like a lot on paper but you can do it! Remember-slow and easy wins the race. I’ll be posting Weight Watcher friendly recipes to my sight too (with points values included). Also look up Dottie’s Weight Loss Zome on line. She has every WW point imagineable!

      Good luck Amber!

  2. Jess says:

    Good luck with the weekend Elizabeth! You got it!!! 🙂

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