Day 4-Fast food blues

Do you find yourself in a drive-thru at lunchtime? Maybe you are tired when you get off work and don’t feel like cooking. I’m guilty of both! Lunchtime is chaos in the news business. Somedays you have time to grab a bite, other days it is impossible. I’ve found that bringing my lunch not only helps control my calorie intake it also saves me money! #winning 🙂

What if you don’t know the calorie intake in the foods you are eating. I’ve got a simple solution. Your smart phone has a number of awesome apps geared toward calorie counting and keeping up with exercise. A good friend of mine, who will hopefully be a guest blogger next week, told me about an app she downloaded-and since the start of the year she’s lost 22 pounds!! Her secret? Logging every piece of food she puts in her mouth and incorporating exercise twice a week. Seems simple enough 🙂

The app she recommended is called “Lose It.” It keeps up with the foods you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It even has a bar code scanner so if you are unsure of a particular food all you have to do is run the scanner across the barcode and viola! It tells you the calorie (and other nutrition information) of that particular food. And it has measurements so you can determine how much of that food you can eat to stay within range. I recommend the app and it’s free!!!! Another good app if you don’t like that one is “Daily Burn.” Again, it is in your app store and it is free. I love anything that is free!

If you don’t have a smart phone and prefer a different method of logging your meal intake, try Calorie King. You can buy the book at your local bookstore or look it up on the internet. It has calorie counts for thousands of foods, including fast food.

So, how many of you enjoy eating fish? I’ve discovered a love affair with grilled tilapia. Mercy! That is the most delicious fish I’ve ever put in my mouth! Be careful though when you order this from a restaurant. They like to soak it in butter. Ask them if they will grill it without the butter. You won’t miss it because the fish is so tendery and flaky. Here is a healthy way to enjoy fish on the grill without all of the added calories.

To Prevent sticking. Spray the grill with a light coat of non-stick spray or use a paper towel to wipe a light coat of olive oil or vegetable oil on the grill.

Heat the grill to 300 degrees (400 degrees if you want to blacken the tilapia).
Drizzle the fish with a very small amount of olive oil on both sides.

Season the tilapia with spices of your choice. Be basic and only use salt and pepper or go crazy with lemon pepper, cayenne or Old Bay seasonings.
Grill, baby, grill. Place the tilapia on the oiled portion of the grill. If your grill has a raised tray or hanging basket, cook the fish there. It is best to keep the fish out of direct contact with the fire. This is especially true if you are cooking other items at the same time.

Watch the time. If the fish is directly on the grill, cook it for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. If the fish is not in direct contact with flames, the cooking time needs to be closer to 10 minutes.

Check for doneness. You know the tilapia is done when the meat is white all the way through and the juices from the fish run clear.

So if your following me on this blog, I’ve lost 2.5 pounds so far. I’ve stuck to this lifestyle change like glue! How are you doing on your weight loss journey?

Have a great day everyone!





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12 Responses to Day 4-Fast food blues

  1. Congrats on the 2.5lbs! That’s terrific and right on target for a healthy weight loss. I so have enjoyed your blogs this week. I can’t wait to try the grilled tilapia! Keep it up, girl!!

  2. I am trying to exercise more. My mom died of a massive heart attack at 67 and most of her family had heart disease. I am 50 and know the odds are not in my favor. I hate exercise, love walking so we are trying to hit the park. My big concern is heart health so we are working hard to have a heart healthy diet. I try to tell myself I have eaten enough fries and junk in my lifetime so time to hit the good stuff. I love breads and bacon my weaknesses. We are trying to eat mostly veggies and good quality protein. Hard to do when my daughter and I both LOVE to cook goodies.

    • Kim-So sorry to hear about your mom. Heart disease is a scary diagnosis. I am glad to see you are taking charge of your health! Walking is a great way to get your heart pumping!! High protein, low carb is a good way to go. Eat those veggies, fruits and lean meats. Do you have a steamer/rice cooker? Those are great to steam meats and veggies while cooking healthy brown rice at the same time.

      Good luck to you! Check back in and let me know your progress.

  3. Deanna says:

    Congrats on the 2.5 lbs! I am using MyFitnessPal to track my intake and exercise. I can’t believe the difference it makes when I have to think about every single bite I put in my mouth!

    • Deanna-It makes such a huge difference. I admit I knew in the back of my mind I was over eating but until I started keeping track I had no idea!!!! Keep up the good work! Look forward to hearing about your progress.


  4. Christy says:

    Lose It is a great app. If someone doesn’t have a smart phone, but has access to the Internet, is free and you can sign up to keep track of your food intake as well.

  5. donna smith says:

    I too struggle with my weight. I am a diabetic so it is a must for me to get healthier. Thank you for your tips and sharing your weight loss expierience.

    • Donna-
      So glad you are following my blog. I too have a sugar issue (i hate the word diabetes, don’y you?). I will be posting many recipes and information for those of us who have to watch our intake. Good luck to you and have a blessed day!

  6. Kenja says:

    I too have been looking at the closet with your skinny clothes fussing at you each time their gazed upon! My mother passed away last June after her 53rd bday of a heart attack. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2009 and then decided to lay down and give up. Since Nov of 2009 until Oct 2011, I gained about 60 lbs. The relapses, pain and depression made it so easy to destroy my body and waistline.

    The very beginning of Oct 2011, my 10 yo daughter snapped a pic of me, unbeknownst, with my cell phone and I was mortified by what I saw. Thanks to a story you guys aired about a guy that lost a lot of weight by using a calorie counter on his smart phone and exercise, I decided to do the same. I, too, use my fitness pal and LOVE it and all the support from other members. I have lost 21 lbs since Oct 4. All because I saw that piece on WAFF. Thank you for your courage. We will get there together-One day, moment, fat gram and calorie at a time 🙂

    • Kenja-so sorry to read about your mother. Mother’s are such a precious gift. I am blessed to still have mine and I thank my God for her everyday.

      I am so proud of your weight loss! Keep up the good work. Remember-slow and steady wins the race. You will do great and feel better too!

      have a great weekend!

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